Sunday, May 25, 2008

New York Search - Missing Child

Child missing on May 24-25, 2008. Below is a brief summary from Chief Gumbs on the incident.

The search on Sunday was called by NYSDEC to look for a missing 4 year old boy west of Monticello, NY (Sullivan Cty). Child had been playing "hide and seek" with a group when he went "missing" Saturday afternoon about 1300. He had a medium weight jacket on (it was cool on Sat) which helped him get throught the night. Several teams from NYS as well as teams from NJ responded - well over 100 people involved. The NJIRT had members tasked out with several search groups. Carl H was on the task that found the boy. Well done to all!!

We all got to see a well organized and conducted search operation done under the control of the NYSDEC rangers.

Below is a news photo of the child being reunited with his father. Photo credit: Courtesy Times Herald-Record